Mukhymantri Beej gram Yojana Madhya Pradesh 2023

Mukhymantri Beej gram Yojana Madhya Pradesh 2023

What is Beej Gram Yojana 2023?  Kisan Beej Yojana

Beej Gram Yojana 2023

Continuous efforts are going on by the government to achieve the goal of doubling the income of the farmers. Even the government is launching new schemes to solve the basic problems of the farmers, so that the farmer brothers can take advantage of these schemes and increase their income. Seeds play an important role in the better production of any crop, even without seeds we cannot even imagine growing crops.To get quality production from crops, it is very important to get authentic and quality seeds. Keeping this in mind, according to the convenience of the farmers, the Seed Village Scheme has been started by the Central Government. Under this scheme, high quality seeds will be made available to the farmers by the government. What is Beej Gram Yojana 2023, information about Kisan Beej Yojana is being given.

What is Beej Gram Yojana

Beej Gram Yojana
Beej Gram Yojana

The Beej Gram Yojana was started by the Central Government in the year 2014-15. Under this scheme, apart from helping the farmers in seed production, high quality seeds are made available for the crops. Under the Beej Gram Yojana, two to three groups are formed by including farmers from 2-3 nearby villages. About 60 to 100 farmers are included in each group. Farmers are trained by agricultural experts right from sowing the seeds to harvesting.

The seeds of the crops grown under this scheme are planted in the agricultural farms located at the district level, which are known as breeder seeds. After this, the production obtained from crops produced from breeder seeds in the next year is called foundation seed. This foundation seed is sown in the fields of the farmers of the group. The seed obtained after one year is called certified seed. These certified seeds can be used for re-sowing.

Objective of Beej Gram Yojana

The main objective of Beej Gram Yojana is to provide high quality seeds to the farmers in their own area as well as to make them self-reliant. As we all know, the income of farmers mainly depends on the production of crops. When the condition of the crops deteriorates, they have to face a lot of loss financially. While their income increases on better production of crops.It is necessary to have quality seeds for better production of crops. If the farmer sows quality seeds in his fields, then naturally the crop production is good. Although till now farmers had to wander here and there even in other states for quality seeds, but through this scheme started by the government, they get high quality seeds very easily in their own area.

Benefits from Kisan Beej Gram Yojana

Farmers do not have to wander here and there or in other states to get high quality seeds.
Farmers are provided training by agricultural experts from sowing the seeds to their harvesting along with supervision.
After getting training from agricultural experts, farmer brothers can produce quality seeds on their own.

By sowing high quality seeds, along with increasing the production of crops, their quality is much better.
Under this scheme, seeds are provided at 50 percent subsidy to small farmers and 25 percent subsidy to general farmers.
Farmers can earn extra profit by producing quality seeds and selling them.
Kisan Bhai Foundation can prepare seeds and sell them directly to Krishi Vigyan Kendra or State Seed Corporation.

Subsidy under Beej Gram Yojana

Under the Beej Gram Yojana, farmers are provided subsidy from the government for the production of seeds. Small farmers are provided a subsidy of 25 percent on seeds for sowing seeds while general farmers are given seeds at a subsidy of up to 25 percent on seeds. Apart from this, grants are also given by the government on fertilizers, medicines and agricultural machinery used for the production of advanced types of seeds.

Process of Joining Beej Gram Yojana

Beej Gram Yojana is a central government scheme launched for the farmer brothers, due to which it is applicable in all the states of the country. If any farmer wants to join this scheme, then he will have to contact the District Agriculture Officer by going to the agriculture office under his district.For this, you can also get information from your nearest agriculture consultant. There is a prescribed offline registration process to join the Beej Gram Yojana. After completing the registration process, you can definitely increase your income by joining this scheme.

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