399 Post Office Scheme- India’s finest IPPB Insurance Scheme in 2022 (Check details)

The Indian Postal Service recently introduced a public insurance program. Through this insurance policy, we can have coverage up to Rs 10 lakh for just Rs 399 and a Rs 299 subscription. To find out more about the recently introduced 399 Postal Insurance program, you must read this article.

Details of the 399 Post Office Scheme:

We have lifetime accident coverage under this group accident insurance plan. We are aware of the necessity of our lives. Life’s unfortunate occurrences occasionally prevent us from receiving certain advantages without insurance coverage.

We must thus purchase group accident insurance. A new group accident insurance program has now been introduced by the Postal Settlement Bank of India as a result of a partnership between TATA AIG Insurance and the Post Office. Other names for it include the 399 post office system.

Only people who have IPPB accounts are eligible for the 399/- postal insurance. Therefore, you must first create an IPPB account before enrolling in a new postal insurance plan.

Standard Qualifications for Post Office Group Accident Insurance Plan:

The basic requirements for eligibility for the 399/postal scheme have been established by the Indian Postal Authority. The video is embedded below.

The insurance policyholder first has to have an IPPB account.
The insurance holder must also be between the ages of 18 and 65.

399 Post office insurance plan characteristics and advantages:

Group accident insurance plans are the greatest insurance plans in India in 2022, as we are aware thanks to their numerous advantages.
Here is a brief summary of the key features and advantages.

It offers a coverage maximum of 100% of the insured amount in the event of a death that happens within a year. It also encompasses partial and permanent disability that occurs within a year.
It also covers unforeseen medical costs and unintentional overnight hospital stays.
In the event of an untimely death or persistent incapacity, it also offers educational payments to the insured’s kids.

It provides transit options for families. All travel expenditures for an insured individual who is hospitalized following an accident and is picked up by his immediate family are paid for.
In the event of an accident, it also covers OPD costs.
Additionally, it offers the insured person a daily payment for any unintentional hospital stays.

The Post Office 399 Insurance Scheme: How Do I Apply?

You can easily apply for the 399/- postal program if you currently use IPPB. To register, only follow the steps below.

You must first visit the IPPB branch that is closest to you.
Tell the IPPB branch that you are a customer of IPPB and would like to take advantage of the 399 postal insurance plan (accidentally).
The IPPB branch will validate your request and basic details.
Following that, a confirmation message containing the policy number and other information will be sent to your registered mobile number.