About district magistrate (DM)Yojana

This website is a result of the imagination of an aspirant who has seen the dream to make accessible all the schemes for the welfare of people, actually launched by the government but the real role of responsibility lies on the soldier of a District Magistrate (DM) who is an IAS (Indian Administrative Service ) Officer, But due to old working establishment of India, Almost all the DM of India forget OR not able to deliver the services to the people.

So I am with my small team trying to make all the schemes easily accessible to people in one place for the whole of India step by step meanwhile I will also try to invite and take interviews on my youtube podcast channel to know why all the schemes are not available & accessible to the people and what they can do to make it possible with us to make this dream to help and get the benefits of schemes launched by the government and implemented by DM.

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